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30 Days of Gaming – Day 29

Day 29 – A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.

Almost done, several days late.

I had an average experience with the earlier installment, Shadowrun Returns, but I saw Dragonfall on sale and thought I’d give it a try.  What followed was an amazing experience that I encourage everyone to try.



30 Days of Gaming – Day 28

Day 28 – Favorite game developer.



The 2 games I play the most, Dota2 and CS:GO are both developed by Valve, and their Steam platform is second to none.

30 Days of Gaming – Day 27

Day 27 – Most epic scene ever.

I felt this was one of the coolest moments I had ever seen when I first played it, and having just started playing it again thanks to the recent re-release on PC, the opening scene of Final Fantasy X, with Sin attacking the Blitzball stadium in the doomed Zanarkand, is one of the biggest feeling moments I’ve experience in gaming.


30 Days of Gaming – Day 26

Day 26 – Best voice acting.

This is probably one of the toughest days to pick something for, because voice acting is something that is easy to take for granted. Bad performances stick out like a sore thumb, but good performances are just sort of their.


I’ve chosen Dota2, because there’s over 110 characters, all with top tier voice acting with great lines.

30 Days of Gaming – Day 25

Day 25 – A game you plan on playing.


I totally wanted to get The Witcher 3 when it came out, but I had such a bad computer I couldn’t run it. I just got a new one though, and it’s on sale, so we’ll see where it takes us.

30 Days of Gaming – Day 24

Day 24 – Favorite classic game.

This is a tough one, because where do you draw the line at classic?

Mario Kart 64

I’m going to say Mario Kart 64, because it’s a game that has aged incredibly well, still looking and playing well even to this day with several sequels out, and it comfortably sits in the “classic” era these days.

30 Days of Gaming – Day 23

Day 23 – Game you think had the best graphics or art style.

A little bit off schedule, but life is getting in the way

war of mine.jpg

This War of Mine uses a side on, near silhouette view, and it’s an artstyle that I really enjoy.

30 Days of Gaming – Day 22

Day 22 – A game sequel which disappointed you.

Now, the easy answer for me would be Final Fantasy 13. but I don’t think that’s actually considered a sequel..


Super Paper Mario changed the entire formula of the Paper Mario games.  From a solid RPG series (with Thousand Year Door being one of the best games on the Gamecube) to a childish platformer with little to no RPG elements.  A complete change of tone that I personally hated.

30 Days of Gaming – Day 21

Day 21 – Game with the best story.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall is a turn based RPG based off the Shadowrun tabletop game.  It has dragons, magic, elves and orc, while also having guns and cybernetic enhancements.  Combining the best of D&D and Deus Ex, this game has an amazing story, with plenty of twists and turns along the way.  A great game to spend some time on.


30 Days of Gaming- Day 20

Day 20 – Favorite genre.

RPG’s are just an amazing genre of games, allowing a strong story, with plenty of character development to be enjoyed by everyone.  I tend to enjoy Sci-fi and Fantasy in other entertainment medias, and these games are the perfect area to develop the world and characters that are so vital to the genre.


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