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Brief Impressions Of The X-men Trilogy

Okay, so I just finished watching the X-men men Trilogy (2000 – 2006)  and I thought I’d share my impressions.

This is just going to be a quick one.

– The Rouge saga seemed to die off after the first part of X-men 1, and, despite an attempt to revive it during the third movie (The Last Stand) it seemed to just fade out.  Because, after all, this is Wolverine’s story….no, actually it’s Jean Grey’s story…..or rather Cyclops……or maybe it IS Wolvies’….or Jean’s….Seriously, the movies can’t decide which is the most important character.  Even in the third movie – in which they play Jean up as the big decider – its still wavers between her and Wolverine.  I understand that it’s based off the Dark Phoenix saga in the comics, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy.

– I don’t understand the mainly negative criticism that the third movie recieves.  The main draw of the movies is the action scenes and the mutant powers, and this movie is quite heavy on it, introducing quite a few new mutants and drawing heavily on the special effects.  It’s quite impressive from a technical standpoint, especially in the final battle between the humans, mutants and Magneto’s force.  The battle itself was great, and all the action throughout the film worked great.

– Most of the characters were insanely well cast, particularly Magneto.  Ian McKellen does an amazing job in the role, and brilliantly represents one of the most powerful mutants out there.

– I seem to remember the winged mutant Archangel being a heavy part of the advertising prior to this movies release.  He appears on all the posters and other advertising, but he only plays a relatively small part in the film, appearing in only 2 or 3 scenes, and even then, playing only a minor role.

———-Warning.  Epic Nerd Rage Imminent——————–


Obviously, the only reason this was added was to fuel the ever growing, shit monster that is the sequel.

We don’t need a sequel.  The  trilogy ended well, with a decent storyline, and, most importantly, closure.  The story was obviously intended to end with the finale of this movie, but, of course, the studio wanted the opportunity for a sequel if there was even a chance of them making a buck.

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