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iOS Game Review – Robot Unicorn Attack

In one of Adult Swim’s most popular games ever released, you play as a cyborg unicorn, with 2 goals; collect fairies, and destroy stars.

In what seems to be a cheery and happy game, there is an underlying sense of doom, what with the explosions and the pessimistic messages shown at the beginning of each game.

The soundtrack to the game reinforces this message, with Erasure’s song “Always” being played constantly throughout the game, giving an optimistic theme, but the explosions throughout once again destroy this mood.

The game itself is rather pretty, with plenty of bright colours to keep your attention and plenty of things happening.  Stars embedded in your path, fairies flying just out of reach, and dolphins jumping up are all designed to reinforce that happy feeling, but once again, this is immediately crushed when you eventually run into a fallens star and explode in a fiery blast of unicorn meat and cybernetics. 

Play the game online here, or download the iOS game from the App store here

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